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We manufacture screw machine parts, molds for convoluting tubing for the automotive industry, aluminum tubing for heating elements for coffee pots, and various parts for lamp fixtures, such as toggle switches. Intech was recommended to us by an industry colleague four years ago and we have been with them ever since. We don’t have to fill out reams of paperwork to lease the machines we need to help grow our business. With Intech I can have my machine approved over the phone in minutes.

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Our job shop services a mix of aerospace, computer and automotive customers. Intech has leased five machines for us, including milling machines and an optical comparator. They understand our business, provide good terms and we’re not just a number to them. They take the time to really get to know you and that personal touch is something sorely lacking in the leasing industry. We intend to finance more machines this year – all of them with Intech.

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We have worked with Intech for over five years. We needed a leasing company that could handle both startups and established companies. Intech has handled all of our equipment financing for our customers. Their approval times are quick – sometimes in only 10 minutes. So I can actually sit with a prospective customer, fax the leasing application to Intech and within a short period, get an approval, wrap up the financing and close the sale.