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Checking your credit profile

How do lenders see you?

Most lenders check the following credit reports when you apply for commercial credit. Avoid last minute surprises by requesting a copy of your business and personal credit reports. These companies can give you advice on how to improve your profile. Other factors are also considered when applying for credit and a good credit score alone does not insure that you will qualify.

Business Credit Reports

Dunn & Bradstreet (D&B)

Customers can request a copy of their D&B report by calling (800) 234-3867.
Verify that company and ownership information is reported correctly. It is also important for customers to know their D&B Paydex score. Paydex® scores reflect how promptly customers pay on trade credit, and a score below 60 may make it difficult to qualify for credit.

PayNet Inc.

Customers can request a copy of their PayNet report by calling (866) 825-3400.
While D&B reports how customers pay on their trade credit, PayNet shows how they have made their payments on
loans and leases. If your payments are reported incorrectly, contact the reporting lender directly and ask them to correct it. Paynet will automatically pick up the correction in their monthly reporting.

Personal Credit Reports

Individuals can request their free annual credit reports at
All personal credit information in the US is reported through Experian, TransUnion and Equifax.  If you see information incorrectly reported on your personal credit, send correspondence to all three national credit bureaus.